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Ginger Mint - Local Pickup Only- Unique and Flavorful!

Ginger Mint - Local Pickup Only- Unique and Flavorful!

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Ginger Mint is a uniquely flavored mint that is wonderful in many summertime dishes.  It works well in melon salads, tea or even lemonade.  Chop and combine with lemon juice for a great marinade for meats before grilling.  

While easy to grow, please note that like most members of the mint family, it will spread rapidly and become invasive. Plant a pot directly in the ground to contain the spread, as it spreads by sending out long roots from the original plant. Mints love moist soil and can be planted in wet areas or along streams. Grows about 2' tall and will get lavender colored blooms. Does best in partial shade but can tolerate full sun. Tolerates light frost so you can pick leaves into fall.

You will receive a potted plant, please note this is for LOCAL PICKUP ONLY. We are not shipping live plants at this time so all must be picked up in person at the farm. Plants will be potted up once you purchase. We will email you as soon as your plant is ready to set up a pickup appointment. Feel free to include a note with your order if there is a time th