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The Forge at Pleasant Valley Farm

BSR Red Mountain #8 Cast Iron Skillet with Lid

BSR Red Mountain #8 Cast Iron Skillet with Lid

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Birmingham Stove and Range Red Mountain #8 cast iron skillet with matching lid, made in the 1930's-1940's. Skillet is marked 8G7, and lid is marked 8C. Skillet measures 10 3/4" across,  15 3/8" long including handle and is 2" deep. It has small pour spouts and an inset heat ring. The cover is a true skillet lid, with ears to cover the pour spouts. The dimples on the underside were typical of BSR's self-basting lids.

Both pieces are in good condition with no chips, cracks or rust pitting. Restored via electrolysis and given multiple coats of seasoning with grapeseed oil. Skillet has light utensil marks. Slight one card wobble. Lid sits flat. Small sand shift line on top which is a casting flaw that doesn't affect value. A beautiful set for everyday use or display!

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