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The Forge at Pleasant Valley Farm

Hand Forged Scroll End Pot Rack

Hand Forged Scroll End Pot Rack

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Here is a beautiful, handmade pot rack- perfect for displaying your cast iron pans or other kitchen treasures! It measures 28.5" long by just over 7" wide at the end scrolls. It bends 4" away from the wall, with the front hooks a full 7" away from the wall. The center hook is riveted onto the base, while the other four hooks are movable or removable. Two feature one hook, the others can hold two pots each. Sturdy enough to support any type of kitchen ware, including cast iron pans. Comes with 2 hex head 2.5" long lag screws for mounting.  When properly mounted, they are rated to hold up to 400 lbs shear strength.

The metal was heated in a coal fire and shaped by hand, using an anvil, hammers and other hand tools in the blacksmith shop on our Pennsylvania farm. It is finished in flat black paint. The pictures are an accurate representation, but you may not get the exact one pictured due to slight differences since they are hand made. We generally make these up as they are ordered, we currently have a 2-week shipping estimate on all orders. We're also happy to do custom work, the pot rack can be made in different sizes in this style upon request. All our hand-forged metal work is made with a coal fire, anvil, hammers & other hand tools, just as a blacksmith would have used years ago. American-made quality designed to last a lifetime and beyond! We have other styles of racks, plus brackets, handles and more hand forged metal work for sale. 

PLEASE NOTE: All hand forged items are made to order and will take approximately 2 weeks to create and ship.

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