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The Forge at Pleasant Valley Farm

Tree of Life Amazonite and Rose Quartz Necklace

Tree of Life Amazonite and Rose Quartz Necklace

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This lovely handmade necklace is made with real amazonite and white and rose quartz. The rose quartz are the outer stones i each segment and are such a pale pink it is difficult to capture properly in photos. The pewter pendant is a lovely tree and measures approximately 1" square. The chain is silver plated, overall length not including pendant is 25" and fastens securely with a lobster claw clasp.

Amazonite has been used in jewelry dating all the way back to Ancient Egypt. It is said to bridge the heart and throat chakras, facilitating compassionate communication. Wearing it is said to help deal with relationship difficulties and emotional challenges, ease congestion and coughs and balance the thyroid.

Rose quartz is one of the most popular crystals, well known for its association with the heart chakra. It is said to help channel unconditional love, ease stress and anxiety, increase an awareness of the beauty all around you, attract love and create harmony. It is a crystal of love and connection.

White quartz is commonly thought to clear negative energy, increase focus and concentration, amplify thoughts and enhance peace and clarity. Used with the crown, solar plexus and root chakras.

**These statements are traditional uses and associations. Crystals are not a substitute for proper medical care.**
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