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The Forge at Pleasant Valley Farm

The Great Galveston Disaster Illustrated by Paul Lester, 1900 First Edition

The Great Galveston Disaster Illustrated by Paul Lester, 1900 First Edition

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First edition hardcover copy of The Great Galveston Disaster.  From the title page- "The Great Galveston Disaster, containing a Full and Thrilling Account of the Most Appalling Calamity of Modern Times, including vivid descriptions of the hurricane and terrible rush of waters; immense destruction of dwellings, business houses, churches, and loss of thousands of human lives; Thrilling tales of heroic deeds; panic-stricken multitudes and heart-rending scenes of agony; frantic efforts to escape a horrible fate; separation of loved ones, etc; Narrow Escapes from the Jaws of Death; terrible sufferings of the survivors; vandals plundering bodies of the dead; wonderful exhibitions of public sympathy; millions of dollars sent for the relief of the stricken sufferers" by Paul Lester with an introduction by Richard Spillane.  Black and white photos are found throughout, or as the books says- "profusely illustrated with photographs taken immediately after the disaster". 

Antique copy, please see photos.  While this is a first edition, I am offering it a significantly reduced price due to the damage to the top of the spine and front cover (rodent damage). Found in a old outbuilding and was very dusty- it has been gently cleaned with a damp cloth,  Fingerprints may be found on some pages.  Different papers were used in the creating of this book and certain sections have yellowed as shown, but all pages are readable and not brittle.  The binding is in great shape.  Overall, not in bad condition for being over 120 years old! Very readable or use for display.  An interesting look at a historical event. 

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